Australian alcohol-attributable harm visualisation tool

Alcohol-attributable conditions

Table: Alcohol-attributable conditions
Condition ICD-10-AM codesx ICD-10-AM codes
External causes
Attributability Relative risk source
Oral cavity & pharynx cancer C01-C06.9; C09-C10.9; C12-C14.9   Partial Bagnardi et al. (2015); Marron et al. (2009)
Oesophageal cancer C15   Partial Bagnardi et al. (2015); Marron et al. (2009)
Stomach cancer* C16   Partial Bagnardi et al. (2015)
Colorectal cancer C18-C20   Partial Bagnardi et al. (2015); Schütze et al. (2011)
Liver cancer C22   Partial Bagnardi et al. (2015); Schütze et al. (2011)
Pancreatic cancer C25   Partial Bagnardi et al. (2015); Schütze et al. (2011)
Laryngeal cancer C32   Partial Bagnardi et al. (2015); Marron et al. (2009)
Breast cancer (female) C50   Partial Bagnardi et al. (2015); Schütze et al. (2011)
Cardiovascular diseases
Hypertension I10-I15.9   Partial Roerecke et al. (2018)
Ischaemic heart disease I20-I25.9   Partial Males:
Zhao et al. (2017); Roerecke & Rehm (2011)
Roerecke & Rehm (2012); Roerecke & Rehm (2010, 2011)
Alcoholic cardiomyopathy I42.6   100% N/A
Atrial fibrillation & cardiac arrhythmia I47.1; I47.9; I48   Partial Samokhvalov et al. (2010); Larsson et al. (2014)
Haemorrhagic stroke I60-I62.9; I69.0-I69.2   Partial Patra et al. (2010); Larsson et al. (2016)
Ischaemic stroke G45; I63; I65-I67.9; I69.3   Partial Patra et al. (2010); Larsson et al. (2016)
Unspecified stroke I64, I69.4, I69.8   Partial Patra et al. (2010); Larsson et al. (2016)
Oesophageal varices I85; I98.20; I98.21   Partial Rehm et al. (2010); Roerecke et al. (2017)
Digestive diseases
Alcoholic gastritis K29.2   100% N/A
Liver cirrhosis K74.3-K74.6; K76.0; K76.9   Partial Rehm et al. (2010); Roerecke et al. (2017)
Alcoholic liver disease K70   100% N/A
Acute pancreatitis K85   Partial Samokhvalov et al. (2015)
Chronic pancreatitis K86.1   Partial Samokhvalov et al. (2015)
Alcohol-induced pancreatitis K86.0   100% N/A
Endocrine conditions
Diabetes mellitus, Type 2 E11   Partial Knott et al. (2015); Baliunas et al. (2009)
Alcohol-induced pseudo-Cushing’s syndrome E24.4   100% N/A
Infectious diseases
Tuberculosis A15.0-A19.9   Partial Imtiaz et al. (2017)
HIV B20.0-B24.9; Z21   Partial Rehm (2017)
Lower respiratory tract infections J09.0-J22.9   Partial Samokhvalov et al. (2010)
Injuries (Unintentional)
Road traffic crashes (Pedestrian)*   V12.3-V12.9; V13.3-V13.9; V14.3-V14.9; V19.4-V19.6; V19.9; V20.3-V20.9; V21.3-V21.9; V22.3-V22.9; V23.3-V23.9; V24.3-V24.9; V25.3-V25.9; V26.3-V26.9; V27.3-V27.9; V28.3-V28.9; V29.4-V29.9; V30.4-V30.9; V31.4-V31.9; V32.4-V32.9; V33.4-V33.9; V34.4-V34.9; V35.4-V35.9; V36.4-V36.9; V37.4-V37.9; V38.4-V38.9; V39.4-V39.9; V40.4-V40.9; V41.4-V41.9; V42.4-V42.9; V43.4-V43.9; V44.4-V44.9; V45.4-V45.9; V46.4-V46.9; V47.4-V47.9; V48.4-V48.9; V49.4-V49.9; V50.4-V50.9; V51.4-V51.9; V52.4-V52.9;V53.4-V53.9;V54.4-V54.9;V55.4-V55.9;V56.4-V56.9;V57.4-V57.9;V58.4-V58.9;V59.4-V59.9;V60.4-V60.9;V61.4-V61.9;V62.4-V62.9;V63.4-V63.9;V64.4-V64.9;V65.4-V65.9;V66.4-V66.9; V67.4-V67.9;V68.4-V68.9;V69.4-V69.9;V70.4-V70.9;V71.4-V71.9;V72.4-V72.9;V73.4-V73.9;V74.4-V74.9;V75.4-V75.9;V76.4-V76.9;V77.4-V77.9;V78.4-V78.9;V79.4-V79.9;V80.3-V80.5; V81.1; V82.1; V82.9; V83.0-V83.3;V84.0-V84.3;V85.0-V85.3;V86.0-V86.3;V87.0-V87.9; V89.2; V89.3; V89.9 Partial Ridolfo and Stevenson (2001)
Road traffic crashes
  V02.1-V02.9; V03.1-V03.9; V04.1-V04.9; V09.2-V09.3; V06.1 Partial Ridolfo and Stevenson (2001)
Falls   W00-W19.9 Partial Corrao et al. (1999)
Drowning   W65-W74.9 Partial Corrao et al. (1999)
Fires   X00-X09.9 Partial Corrao et al. (1999)
Accidental poisoning by alcohol T51.0; T51.1; T51.9 X45; Y15 100% N/A
Other unintentional injuries (aspiration, occupational machine injuries)   W78; W79; W24-W31.9; W45; W49; W60 Partial Corrao et al. (1999)
Injuries (Intentional)
Intentional self-harm*   X60.0-X64.9; X66-X84.9; Y87 Partial English et al. (1995)
Intentional self-poisoning by alcohol   X65 100% N/A
Assault   X85-X89.9; Y00-Y09.9; Y87.1 Partial Corrao et al. (1999)
Assault (Age 0-14)*   X85-X89.9; Y00-Y09.9; Y87.1 Partial English et al. (1995)
Neuropsychiatric conditions
Alcohol abuse F10.0-F10.1   100% N/A
Alcohol dependence syndrome F10.2   100% N/A
Alcoholic psychosis F10.3-F10.9   100% N/A
Degeneration of nervous system due to alcohol G31.2   100% N/A
Epilepsy G40; G41   Partial Samokhvalov et al. (2010)
Alcoholic polyneuropathy G62.1   100% N/A
Alcoholic myopathy G72.1   100% N/A


xICD10 codes and ranges not identical to those specified in InterMAHP guide (see [1] on 'About' page).

*Conditions where we reverted to the more traditional method of calculating alcohol-attributable fractions from relative risks. Otherwise, InterMAHP v2.1 was used (see [2] on 'About' page).